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Health and safety

at Hotel Kristall

Dear Guests, The holiday accommodation industry is all about being professional hosts for the large numbers of people we bring together. That’s something we continue to do passionately, and with a strong sense of responsibility.

That’s why we’ve implemented a wide range of measures that enable you safely enjoy the highest standards of service, hygiene and cleanliness in challenging times like these. In cooperation with professional hygiene specialists, these measures are regularly adapted to comply with the recommendations and guidelines issued by the Austrian government.

The health of our guests and our employees is our top priority.

Disinfection of public areas.

The strict cleaning regulations for publicly accessible areas have been addended to ensure surfaces are cleaned even more often and more thoroughly with disinfectants.

Perfect cleanliness and hygiene in the rooms.

Cleaning guidelines for rooms have always been very strict, and have been added to in order to ensure our cleaning staff also disinfects all surfaces with biocidal agents.

Contact with guests is hearty and friendly

Since colds are commonplace in the autumn and winter seasons, we recommend you clean your hands thoroughly.

New rules ‘behind the scenes’

There are also new rules in place behind the scenes covering food safety and deliveries.

The rules and conditions applied to foods were already very tight, and inspected very strictly. The measures have now been amended to ensure every employee is completely familiar with all additional hygiene and disinfection practices. Furthermore, new hygiene and disinfection rules now also apply to deliveries.


From new perspectives

We didn’t just start taking cleanliness and hygiene very seriously a couple of years ago, but these are challenging times, and we’ve made our tough rules and regulations even tougher and made our hygiene strategy even more comprehensive. The only thing that’s still infectious here, is our friendliness!

Over the past few weeks, we have reworked what are already high standards of hygiene to ensure our strategy covers all fields of possibility. We are tuning our practices increasingly closely to those prescribed by the authorities, and the recommendations of external institutes and associations. The result is the minimisation of risk to guests and staff alike and, in inverse proportion, their enhanced safety.


Together, we hope to master the challenges this current period has set us, and would like to thank you for your support and understanding.


A hearty thanks from the Pfeffel family

and the Kristall team

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