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Trekking in Tyrol

A hiking paradise in Leutaschtal

We have treks and all kinds of tour tips for every type of holidaymaker on vacations in the Leutaschtal Valley in Tyrol. We particularly recommend exploring the high-alpine trekking paths, mountain plateaus and fields, summit tours, even barefoot hikes - all on routes offering incredible sweeping views.

Wanderungen im Leutaschtal mit herrlichen Ausblicken


Trekking in Leutaschtal Valley

Regardless of your fitness or skill level, you’ll always find the ideal trekking route for a hiking vacation in Leutaschtal Valley in Tyrol. Remember, it’s important to be aware of the difficulty gradient of any tour you plan to ensure you don’t get into intractable situations. The classification system for Tyrol’s hiking and climbing routes provides clear information that enables each guest to find the perfect tour for his/her abilities. There’s a good reason Austria is one of the most popular countries for hikers, and one of the most frequently-chosen destinations for trekking holidays. After all, more than half of the country is situated in wondrous alpine surroundings.


There are nine states in Austria, and so many trekking options and activity breaks available in all of them – so the choice is always going to be tough. You may wish to go hiking in the Austrian mountains, and stop for a drink and a meal at one of the many alpine huts. There are also picturesque treks along fairy-tale valleys, on idyllic mountain fields in bloom and alongside crystal-clear lakes.

Almparadies Gaistal mit Blick auf die Hohe Munde - Rotmoosalm und Hämmermoosalm
Wandern in Tirol

Hiking in Tyrol

Without doubt, Tyrol can offer some of the best-known and most popular scenery in the whole of Austria – and it’s a magnet for all skiers, mountain climbers and hikers. Active guests can look forward to discovering over 24,000 kilometres of trekking routes in Tyrol. Many hikers are familiar with the popular and stunning landscapes of Stubaital Valley, the Karwendel Massif, Ötztal, Zillertal and the region flanking the River Inn. Tyrol is also home to Austria’s highest mountain, the Großglockner, and is a very mountainous state in general.


Of course, Tyrol in the summertime is every bit as visit-worthy and aesthetically magnificent as it is during the winter skiing season. The longest hiking route in Tyrol is the 33-stage Adlerweg, or ‘eagle’s way’ with a total of 413 kilometres of pathways across the state. Guests travelling around Tyrol as a family can look forward to fascinating and action-rich theme-based trekking routes that combine knowledge and hiking. We particularly recommend this scenic route: ‘Tauernblick Panoramaweg am Wilden Kaiser’.

Trekking tours on the Seefeld Plateau and around Leutasch

Take a deep breath as you discover countless peerlessly wonderful places on a hike in Leutasch in Tyrol. Relaxation is guaranteed.

The most popular treks on the Seefeld Plateau and around Leutasch:

  • Gaistal 3-plateaus round-trip tour:
    A beautiful and simple round trip to the wonderful mountain plateaus and fields in Gaistal.
    Length: 10.2km. Duration: +/- 3½h.
  • Take the Mösern Ice Age route up to Brunschkopf hillside:
    Medium-difficulty gradient hike along the Ice Age route in Mösern.
    Length: 7.8km. Duration: +/- 3h.
  • Three lakes trek on the Seefeld Plateau:
    Easy round trip on the Seefeld Plateau.
    Length: 12.1km. Duration: +/- 3½h.
  • Eppzirler Alm pastures from Gießenbach:
    Easy hike in the Karwendel Massif.
    Length: 12.8km. Duration: +/- 3h.
  • Freiungen-Höhenweg high alpine route from Seefeld to Hochzirl:
    Difficult alpine tour on the Seefeld Plateau, requires a good level of fitness.
    Length: 16.8km. Duration: 8-9h.
  • Across the Karwendel wilderness (4 x 1-day stages)
    Medium-difficulty gradient. Hut to hut trek connected to the starting point on the Hafelekar mountain.
    Length: 40.4 km. Duration: 14-16h.
  • Take the Mental-Power-Way to Brunschkopf
    Fantastic hike from Leutasch along Mental-Power-Way, along the Fludertal Valley and up to the Brunschkopf.
    Length: 6.8km. Duration: 3 – 3½h.
  • Leutasch round trip tour
    Hike along the side of Weidachsee lake, through Leutasch’s forests, along the Wiesenweg route to the Leutascher Ache tributary.
    Duration: 4h.
  • Over the Seefelder Spitze peak ridge
    From the Rosshütte cable car station to Seefelder Joch and along the ridge to Seefelder Spitze (2221m).
    Duration: 2h.

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