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Time is the true luxury of our age. So now it’s even more important to cultivate, celebrate and savour our free time – with water, warmth, spa, health and wellbeing.

Wellness holidays in Tyrol are all about relaxation and enjoyment. The Tyrolean countryside is incredibly varied, surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery and is the ideal place to spend a vacation. Our in-house spa and wellness oasis offers everything the heart could desire. Relax, savour and enjoy pleasures for all the senses in the luxurious spa area with numerous relaxing amenities - all designed to boost your sense of wellbeing.


The spa and wellness area covers 2 floors. The Spa Cocoon provides 3 saunas and a sandstone cave, the Schwerelos relaxation pool, and 2 relaxation areas: Zeitlos and Auszeit. The Lichtspiel roof-top spa is home to the Sonnendach infinity pool, the Bergglut panorama sauna, and the Weitblick relaxation area. All you have to do is let go, let us pamper you, live in the moment and enjoy a profound sense of wellbeing.


Relax in Leutasch

In Leutasch we do some things very differently. The beauty of the untouched countryside has been left unspoilt. Building work is only authorised when the natural environment can be protected. The high degree of integration of the village in the natural surroundings has proved immensely beneficial. There is no risk of avalanches here, and the surrounding mountains protect us from violent hail and thunderstorms. The scenery in the Seefeld region is truly and inescapably inspiring.


Everything clicks and fits better, here – noticeably, tangibly. And one thing is certain; whether you’re here to trek, enjoy a cycling tour or speed along wintry trails and down pristine slopes – in Leutasch, wellness is everywhere out in nature. Spend time in harmony with the surroundings, on what could well be your best spa, health and wellbeing holiday ever. That’s the natural feel-good sensation guests can expect up on the magnificent Seefeld Plateau!

Kristall: Watch the light play

‘Sonnendach’ infinity pool

Marvel at vast open spaces and breath-taking views from our luxurious infinity pool. Cool down in the embrace of magnificent sweeping mountain vistas. Experience the unique pleasure of swimming beyond the edge of today, and floating into infinity. Watch the boundaries between the sky and the earth melt away as your thoughts begin to travel. Extraordinary, individual, special.

‘Bergglut’ panorama sauna

Sweat out the day and relax on the 5th floor with unrestricted views of the vast alpine beauty all around through the glass façade. A sauna experience in the heart of nature.

‘Weitblick’ relaxation lounge

The panorama relaxation lounge offers a broad, sweeping view of the surrounding mountains – a highlight of every stay. Lean back, relax and soak up the warming rays of the sun through the high and wide glass front. This is a place where time is forgotten, and personal happiness is rediscovered – and cultivated.


Kristall Cocoon

‘Schwerelos’ relaxation pool

Enjoy the pure pleasure of the 32°C swimming and wellness pool with its own bubbling mountain stream and mountainside cave, whether you’re here to release tension and stress, to care for your skin or simply to relax your muscles. Take it easy, float in the water and allow the bubbles from the massage jets to dart across your muscles.

Sandstone cave

Even the ancient Romans knew about the relaxing properties of steamy heat, and its positive effects on the hair, skin and lungs. At temperatures between 40 – 50°C, and a humidity level of about 100%, the steam bath provides ideal conditions for physical regeneration. A subsequent Kneipp-style hosing with cold water guarantees you’ll feel refreshed and wide awake.

Finnish sauna

The Finns have cultivated their sauna traditions to ensure there’s always a transition from hot to cold – and back. The Finnish sauna cleanses and purifies the body, within and without. Soothing warmth loosens muscles, allows tendons to relax and stimulates the immune system. 

Infrared sauna

In this sauna, the infrared warms by radiating directly into the skin. The body absorbs the radiation and generates pleasant, deep-seated warmth under the surface, so the sweat can flush out unhealthy residues while the organs relax. Calories are burned off at a higher rate, blood flow and physical regeneration are stimulated, circulation and the immune system are gently boosted and relaxation is enhanced. Another pleasant side-effect is the pore-deep cleansing of the skin, which feels smoother, looks cleaner and more youthful.

‘Zeitlos’ and ‘Auszeit’ relaxation rooms

These two areas were created to boost your sense of wellbeing peace and relaxation as havens of rest and recovery. Each relaxation area has its own character. Depending on your mood, you can relax in places offering absolute peace and quiet, or in more communicative and entertaining surroundings where it’s easy to get into an interesting conversation. Find your inner balance and let your body go with the flow.

SPA opening hours

Basement - Cocoon spa ≥16 years

Saunas from 13.30 – 19.00

Indoor pool 13.30 – 20.00

‘Zeitlos’ relaxation room 13.30 – 20.00

‘Auszeit’ relaxation room 11.00 – 20.00

Fitness studio: 24 h


Top floor – ‘Lichtspiel’

Infinity pool 07.30 – 20.00
(or private booking / please speak to our staff)

Panorama sauna 11.00 – 19.00













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